Sunday, April 23, 2006

my notes

We went to this marriage conference this weekend.

I don't think anyone else has notes quite like mine. I got some good Starbucks coffee this morning and was recharged for some serious doodling.

Do you ever notice someone who is dressed completely inappropriately for their age?

The doodle on the left, next to the lady with a burger, is of this character who was sitting across the isle from us with his wife. He appeared to be about 50, with grey hair and lines on his face. His hair was spiked up on top with a lot of gel.

He was wearing skateboard style sneakers, a big long shirt, and gigantic homeboy shorts, you know, the kind with the huge long pockets on the back. The only thing missing was he wasn't showing his boxers. When we'd pass him in the hall he always wore this goofy smile... in his own little world I guess.

(I did take other real notes... it was a good conference).


Bar Bar A said...

Love your notes! You can make a book out of your notes. You are pretty amazing!!! So did you like Family Life?
I worked for CCC for years and they offered the conference free to any employees, but I never had a spouse so dang it, I never got my freebie.

Jenn said...

barbara, The speakers were very very good. Free to employees, wow, that's a great deal... it's not cheap!

Meow said...

Love the doodles ... looks like you had a great time.
My doodles consiste of scribble and stick figures ... yours make sense !!
Have a great week.
Take care, Meow

Badoozie said...

i want to know what that one guy's wife was wearing? was she afflicted as well?

those are some good notes you take. i got a little bit of it here and there. the slow cooker analogy, the blended family thing, noodles and meatballs, wow. they use a lot of food analogys.

i don't agree with how much it cost to raise a kid to 18. that is not accurate. they blow that out of proportion.

what else did you learn?

Jenn said...

Meow, my brain works in doodles. But it actually did not always flow this naturally for me. Practice helps, coffee helps too.

Susie, The guy's wife was wearing normal clothes... capri pants, collared shirt, a cardigan. Maybe she was hoping the conference would have something to say about fashion so her husband would finally hear what she's been trying to say to him all these years.

Yeah, I think the people who come up with those kid totals assume everyone buys all their clothes at Gap kids, and go to Chucky Cheese every weekend.

I guess the best stuff was about communication. How to communicate better. They kept reminding husbands that when your wife has a bad day she just wants someone to listen, she does not want a bunch of advice... I could not agree more. The speakers were very engaging and told a lot of stories. Some of the doodles are pieces of the stories they told.

EmmaSometimes said...

maybe mr. spikey hair forgot to do laundry and borrowed from his son? Grandson?

Oxy Moron, is that a moron that needed OxyClean?

I love your art journals. Those seem like your brain fileted on paper. Almost diary-esque.

Leslee said...

You have an amazing talent. I got a lot out of your weekend just by enjoying your doodles

Seeker said...

Cool doodles.
Note to self: Research how to dress age-appropriately in public.

Jenn said...

emma sometimes, well, we were there for three days, and the guy had two pairs of the same style shorts. I can't stand those stupid shorts on anyone actually, no matter how young they are. Yes that is an Oxy-Moron. I didn't have a red pen to draw the zits.

leslee, thanks, I like to entertain myself. I have been doing this since I was so young, I can't even remember... got in trouble for it at school all the time.

seeker, now you're going to have to buy all new shorts...