Saturday, April 08, 2006

where do you like/not like to eat out?

This is the front of a greeting card that I made. Our church gave some people a gift certificate to the Old Country Buffet and asked me to make a card to put it in.

When I was in college I LOVED The Old Country Buffet. Now it is on my list of places I used to like but now gross me out. Some more of those places include: Pizza Hut, Friendly's, Ponderosa, all fast food places... Applebee's is hanging on by the skin of its teeth.

Do you all have any restaurants that you used to like, but have disappointed you/grossed you out enough that you don't care to go back? (feel free to include any icky details).


LZ Blogger said...

As for my favorite chains:
In & Out Burgers
California Pizza Kitchens
Panera Bread
As for places I can't stand:
Dairy Queen
Old Country Buffet
and Sizzler
~ jb///

EmmaSometimes said...

How about
Wiener Schnitzel
Burger King
Safeway Chinese
Circle K or 7-11 grab and go fare

Michelle said...

Sizzler :(

Sarah said...

LOVE the card, Jenn! It's great!

You didn't share any icky details with us as to why you no longer like those places!

Here in California, Old Country Buffet is known as Hometown Buffet...I'm not sick of it yet, but we rarely eat there. We have a Mexican fast-food chain called Jimboys, and I stopped eating there after I found a long, black hair in my taco (I pulled it out and finished the taco anyway -- yeah, gross, I know! It was only after the fact that it grossed me out enough to not want to eat there again!)

Meow said...

Hey, Jenn ... the card is wonderful.
I used to love Sizzler, all you can eat type restaurants, until I got to notice the number of people with runny noses, sniffling, caughing, sneezing,(Breathing!), as they leant over the food ... eeewwwww ... I don't go to those type of restaurants any more.
Have a great Sunday, take care, Meow

Seeker said...

My husband loves the Chinese buffet...
I go along, but it's not my cup of tea.
I like Chinese food, but not the idea of buffets (feeding troughs). Always use a napkin to hold the serving utensils.

Aunt Jo said...

See my post today for my favorite pizza, in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

I don't like any fast food Mexican food except Taco Bueno. All the others are icky.

Jenn said...

LZ Blogger, I have been very happy with Panera Bread. I worked at Dairy Queen when I was 17. I know what goes on behind the scenes... I know why I don't want to eat there. :p

Emma, I know half of the places you mentioned... I'll be forewarned about the others if I travel your way.

Michelle, I only remember being at a Sizzler once. The food was fine, but half way through my meal I went into the bathroom which was FILTHY and lost my appetite thinking of all the food workers who have touched everything in there before touching my food.

Sarah, The hair story is gross! You must have been pretty hungry to keep on eating! In Massachusetts I think we got a little spoiled by the best buffet ever... the Sunday brunch at Dakota. After that OCB felt kind of like a soup kitchen.. the food plus the local rif-raf that like to get their money's worth there. Once it was on the news that the Old Country Buffet had to be evacuated because a kid working there mixed the wrong chemicals together to mop the floor.

Meow, my first buffet gross-out experience was in college... when I was not yet conviced that fast food was not a nice meal. I got the Wendy's buffet. It was covered in flies.

Seeker, you have a point about the serving utensils. And never ever eat those mints they offer on the way out, the ones that the general public have touched with their filthy little hands.

Aunt Josephina, we don't have Taco Bueno. I've never heard of it. We just went to a place in town called Moe's that had great fast Mexican. The tables were nice booths, and you can order without a waitress. it was a nice new discovery.

Feathers said...

The card looks terrific, I bet they love it!

I have yet to go to a Country Buffet, although my mom and stepfather used to go to it all the time, like clockwork, every other day they went. They liked it, but you have to wonder about the quality of food they use at the buffet-type places. But, I am in love with the China Buffets, we have 3 of them in the area, and although they have the same name, they each have different items on the menu. I love Chinese food, and the idea of sampling lots of different things is what I like the best.

I agree with Meow, it kind of grosses me out at what you see some of the people doing in line for the food. And of course there are always some kids there playing with the food, and doing God knows what with it. But then I guess anyone, especially those in the food prep area, could cough and sneeze on your food at any restaurant and you wouldn't even know it.

I guess I am just easy to please, but there is one place here that is horrible. It is a pizza place that went under new ownership, and their pizza now tastes like cardboard with ketchup on it. Uggghhhh.... :)

Jenn said...

Feathers, I do like some Chinese buffets. I am particular about how I pick things out. I like to reach for the food that's farther back and less touched. I have to say the desserts at those buffets are just terrible. It's always the same tasteless creampuff looking things, differently shaped, but equally tasteless.

Badoozie said...

i do NOT like buffets. they are gross, and I dont' get my money's worth. the last burger I ordered from Dairy Queen was horrible. Taco Bell is nasty. mcdonalds ick. KFC, ICK

lets see, pretty much every eatery in our town is bad, and it has a lot to do with the service. they can't seem to find decent workers here.

I like Marie Callenders, Olive Garden, and Quizno's.

there was a chain that came in the mid 90's called 'Boston Market" and I loved it. It went out of business.