Thursday, May 03, 2007

what's going on

This is a picture of my new niece, Lilly.

It's hard to say who she looks like right now. I'm told that my brother was born with dark hair, and then he shed it all and it grew back blond. Maybe Lilly will turn blond, we'll see. She needs to smile so we can see if she has Marci's dimples.

In Russia if you have dimples, they say it's because your mom stole an egg. One dimple for each egg stolen.

Whoever she looks like, she's a cute one!


Today is a turning point in my life. Here you see a self-portrait of what I look like now. Given some time, I will be covered with muscles.

I had a session with a personal trainer this morning, who's got a plan for me to work out without losing any weight, because I have no weight to lose! I'm just going to gradually build up some strength, and hopefully feel a whole lot healthier.

I looked into a couple of women's gyms before deciding on a regular one. I checked out Curves and another one. They both had the same one-size-fits-all plan. One lady was telling me how she lost 30 pounds at Curves. That is great for most people, but not the thing for me.


Today Flat Stanley arrived for a visit. He wants to know when someone is going to mow the lawn.

I need to plan some activities for while he's here. I'm sure he will enjoy his time in western New York.


Dawn said...

What a little sweetie-pie-honey-bunch-bubba-cheeks-baby that Lilly is!!! So happy for Chuckleberry and his dear wife on her safe arrival!

Seeker said...

Lilly is indeed beautiful. Congratualtions to the proud auntie!
When is Flat Stanley coming my way?
(Do you need my address, so he won't get lost along the way?)

Anonymous said...

cute babe!

maybe you should get some of that protein drink mix, muscle builder stuff to try at the same time?

make sure to keep an eye on stanley, he is a little trouble causer that one!

Jenn said...

dawn, Chuckleberry is a happy dad.

seeker, I can send him to you next. I thought I might send him to the Joes next, but you are the first to volunteer, so email me your address and I will send him to you.

ba doozie, the trainer guy is writing out a plan for me, both meals and exercise. He says I need to eat six meals a day. He may have a suggestion about muscle builder stuff. Stanley has been a pleasure so far. He may be a little disappointed that this is not New York City, but he's having a good time just the same. We took him to the Olive Garden tonight.

Aunt Jo said...

Awwww!! I love her! Does she smell good? Sniff her head a lot and get back to me. Also, kiss her piggies and tell her it's from Aunt Jo. :o) I love the name Lilly. What is her middle name?

Please update the SticJenn as soon as those muscles pop out. Just be cautious about spinach consumption while working out because the danger of myopopeyetis is higher. (myopopeyetis is a incurable condition that causes your forarms to bulge in a Popeye like fashion.)

It's true. ;o)

Charles said...

Lilly Anne is doing very well. I am still waiting to see if she has the Johnson family "dimpled chin". She usually smells good, unless poop is sticking to her butt (an all too common problem).

I signed up for a health club once. It was too time consuming for me, because I felt bad if I didn't go each week. It bothered me to pay for something I wasn't using, so I quit and bought a treadmill. Everyone tells me I need to gain weight, but nothing has worked yet. Treadmills aren't exactly weight gaining machines.

Jenn said...

AJ, You have a response here from Chuck; I suppose she smells pretty good most of the time! I will confirm this in a few weeks. I have been consuming plenty of spinach... my forearms could pop out quite a bit before anyone would notice!

Chuck, yes, I was looking for that Johnson dimple. I am going to email you more about my weight gain plan.