Saturday, October 13, 2007

I feel good I feel great I feel wonderful...

A few thoughts from my coffee-fueled brain this fine morning...


Belgian waffles are one of those things that smell really great, but they taste just ok.


Why does the gas pump have to ask me if I want my receipt? Of course I want my receipt! Duuuuhh!


This is my second morning this week working on my laptop in Panera Bread. I really like working in here. The coffee is very good. The caramel lattes are stupendous. Lunch is affordable. Free Wi-Fi. It helps me get out of my house and into the world. And the people working here are a constant reminder that if I don't get my work done and make some money, I too could end up behind that counter slicing sandwiches.


One job I never want to experience again... Cutco sales representative. Here are some of my notes from my Cutco meeting back in 2001. I sold some to my parents and then got my butt out of that unfortunate career detour.


I really do feel good today.


Saur♥Kraut said...

The only GREAT Belgian waffle I ever met was at a local Greek restaurant of all places! That one tasted as good as it smelled.

Funny - I often want my receipts at the gas pump (for write-offs)

Panerra Bread has the most AWESOME French Onion Soup in a breadbowl! We are addicted to it in my family! But... ALL their food is great.

Cutco: The notes were hysterical! What are the 10-12 uses for every knife? That's like saying there are 10-12 uses for every fork. It's a knife! It's used for cutting! Now WHAT you cut is variable - celery, meat, someone's throat...

I like "For you I can make an exception." :D

Emma Sometimes said...

hahaha, how to sell. I did a stint as an insurance agent. I do not like to sell things but I could take some tips from you. You have that sales thing down tight. Asking questions is the best way to sell, isn't it?

Glad you are still stalking me but I'd rather have coffee in person, wouldn't you? :o)

Seeker said...

"I sold some to my parents and then..."

Hmmmmm, where have I heard that before?

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Glad you are feeling so good.
Hope you had a great weekend, and will have a wonderful week ahead.
Take care, Meow
PS ... I've never had a belgian waffle ... I'm deprived !!

Anonymous said...

way funny about the knife selling,,do you have any of those? I'd like to buy one from you

Jenn said...

saur, it slices, it dices! I don't remember all the uses, but I don't recall someone's throat as being one of them... I suppose it would be silly to use dangerous and inefficient tools when cutting someone's throat.

emma, now I know all those sales tricks, so hopefully I don't fall for them when they are used on me.

seeker, but they are high-quality! You would not be disappointed.

hi meow, I need to come and visit you... I'll come by today.

ba doozer, one? You want to buy ONE? I would strongly encourage you to buy a set. And what set would be complete without the table knives? I can set you up with a simple payment plan, that will last over the course of your lifetime.

Melissa E. said...

Really? You would make and exception for me? Well, in that case, how can I refuse?!!!