Tuesday, October 30, 2007

adventures in the dollar store

I am sick n' tired of my sunglasses continually falling apart. I'm down to one pair and I keep forgetting to take them out of George's car. So today I bought three top-of-the-line pairs at the dollar store. There is a treasure trove of stuff in there! Who knew, you could buy a set of screwdrivers for a buck? These sunglasses even claim 100% U.V. protection. Of course, I'm sure China would never try to deceive anyone.


Emma Sometimes said...

Walmart? Is that where you wear your good sweats and have to brush your mullet before you go?

I love the dollar store.

PS. I just saw a dateline or something on sunglasses. The dollar store glasses worked better than some of the 200+ dollar glasses. I was SHOCKED.

Anonymous said...

yeah...what em's said, people dress up to go to walmart? actually our walmart is not as bad as most cause this is a college town. Glad you found all that you desired and more in the sunglass dept...and I'm willing to bet those things won't break AT ALL EVER

Aunt Jo said...

That is pretty much how it is here too. UJ is in the dollar place every day nearly. I think he is sweet on the check out girl. (Not really, he just has a boycott on the local grocery store and gas is too expensive to go up town to Walmart.)