Friday, October 26, 2007

an unintended science experiment

On Wednesday someone at church asked me if I'd paint a picture of a schoolhouse on a bed sheet. They are using it as a prop in a children's program tonight. It's supposed to look like the schoolhouse in Wonderpets, which I never heard of until Wednesday, and got to hear the Wonderpets theme song and show intro online. So I've been singing that for the past two days as I've been painting this.

I really wanted a little yellow paint to paint the insides of the windowsill flowers, but the only paint I had was in a spray can. No problem, I'll just spray a little into this styrofoam cup, and then I'll paint it on.

I found out that this is what spray paint will do to a styrofoam cup:

And my brush is still recovering from the trauma. After all that, I didn't like the yellow anyway, and painted it over with white.

This could actually pass for art in some museums.


Anonymous said...

yes, enter the styrofoam cup and win a million dollars!!!! or something like that...nice sheet!

Saur♥Kraut said...

As always, you're doing a wonderful job painting anything you set your mind to. I've never heard of the kids show but I hate anything that will stick in my head and repeat itself constantly, so I'm not going to try to hunt down the theme song! :D

Emma Sometimes said...

WOW. I didn't know that it would melt it. That church looks good, but can you paint the letter "I"?

Mr. Coffee works with some freaky chemicals with concrete. I'm sure the neighbors were thinking we were doing something illegal with the buckets of sealers and jug of hydrochloric acid in the garage for so many years.

Aunt Jo said...

Jenn I love the last picture. It is so deep.