Wednesday, October 10, 2007

random thoughts in a coffee shop

Sometimes I enjoy listening to other peoples' conversations in this coffee shop. And sometimes I think other people are just kind of annoying.


For the past week I've been avoiding coffee because of sinus problems. But now I feel better, so am back here enjoying an Italian blend.


It finally feels like October.


I can't stand it when people have really long toenails. Now that it's cooler, those people should put their socks and shoes back on.


I am addicted to pomegranates again.


Lately I keep having very weird dreams. Very very weird ones.


In my lifetime I want to draw a syndicated comic strip. And when I do, if I do, it will be very funny. Not like a bunch of the stupid stuff that is in the newspaper today. Mine will be roll-on-the-floor-laughing funny. I just need to come up with the right theme. Someday.


Sometimes Emma said...

I think you could do a comic and make me laugh.

I've been having the same dream that I'm making out with Mr. Coffee but he has Clive Owen's head. What is up with that?

I have a full set of POM glasses.

I need to clip my toenails.

I wish it would stop raining.

I never avoid coffee cause I go into convulsions. It's not pretty.

I always listen to people talking. People crack me up. That photo is so telling...

I like your randomness today.

Turtle Guy said...

Nice post.

The things you can learn by eavesdropping - passively.

...or actively.

It will all make for a good cartoon one day, I'm sure!

Meow (aka Connie) said...

I look forward to your comic strip ... the ones we have in our newspapers over here are so lame.
Hope you are well, Jenn.
Take care, Meow

Sarah said...

Come visit us...we have a pomegranate tree in our backyard, remember? :-)

I would love to read any comic strip of yours!

Seeker said...

People using black finger nail polish just because it's October(?) should put socks and shoes on their hands.

badoozer said...

i think people should just cut the dadgummed toenails off..imagine sleeping with those daggers next to you!

Melissa E. said...

Badoozer, maybe those people have long toenails because there is no one sleeping next to them to kick them in the shins as a thoughtful reminder that it is common courtesy to keep your toenails trimmed...

Jenn, speaking of comic strips, I still chuckle every once in a while when I remember on I saw on your site. The guy in the sandwich shop who is so impressed with the durability of his rubber gloves! I'm smiling even now!

I have no doubt that your strip would be the best!