Thursday, October 25, 2007

blast from the past

When I was a senior in high school I was never without this sketchbook.

During study halls I'd sit and draw an ongoing comic strip which included appearances by a bunch of my classmates. Here are a couple of bits from "Bionic Bill vs. Andy Gram." Someday I'd like to blog this whole thing, but it will take a lot of scanning.

Those of you who knew me in high school may recall that "Bionic Bill" is John Gasper, who had a lot of input in the writing of these stories.


Dawn said...

How could I forget BB and AG? To this day, I always call AG - andygrahm - when I see him.
AG is now a superhero to his wife and little girls...

Melissa E. said...

I haven't seen AG for years...well, since High School, but I do the same. He'll always be Andygraham to me!

Jenn said...

I never could spell Grahm... Graham? Grahamn... We finally settled on Andy Gram.

Anonymous said...

um, you've rendered me speechless?

Dawn said...

Guess who I saw last weekend in StuffMart? andygram!!!!!! I told him he was featured on your blog! Well, umm, at least the drawings from the early 90's were.
I have to say that andygram never changes.
He'll always have that andygram look.