Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Amazing Race!

I never grow tired of this show.

Season 6 was a little hard to watch with the infamous Jonathan and Victoria. But then season 7 was probably my favorite one yet. (This photo is from season 7 and the most deserving winners ever).

The last one, with family teams, was just "ok" in my opinion. Thankfully, they are back to couples again. Some people are turned off by the show because they have never watched it from the beginning...you have to watch from the beginning!

Tonight-- 9:00(eastern)--CBS! It should be a good one!

This afternoon I rented Walk The Line. I wanted to see that in the theater and never got a chance. Usually I wait until evening to go to Blockbuster, and all the new releases are gone. This one is brand shiny new, not a single scratch.

I also bought myself, for the first time, a French Press coffee. It was REALLY good! We have a nice coffee shop, but the coffee there is not that great, so it was a really nice discovery.


la prima weird said...

Hey Jenn,
I was reading your profile, and I saw you were an INFP, well I a ENTP, I have never know anyone else who has taken that test, how funny, ps I love your blog it is hilarious

Meow said...

Amazing Race starts on Thursday night this week here. We didn't get the family one ... probably won't, either.
Walk the Line is still showing in our cinemas ... I've heard it is a great movie.
Have a great day, take care, Meow

Aunt Jo said...

is press coffee a brand or a technique?

EmmaSometimes said...

haven't been sucked into the Amazing Race. At least not yet. Did you buy a press or just a cup of..?

AJ, its a coffee technique. It's made in a french press, like this so you get all the oils and flavor from the ground beans. Water and beans go together and after several minutes you push the plunger thingy down that has a filter on it to keep the floaty bean thingies out. Thingies is the official term.

Jenn, you cracked me up on your comment. Too funny.

Jenn said...

la prima weird, yeah, I think personality tests and that kind of stuff is pretty interesting. I see you're in love with Orlando Bloom... he's CUTE! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Meow, well, the family one was not that great. You're not missing much. But that's cool you're getting season 9!

Aunt Josefina, looks like jennybee's got your question covered.

Emma aka jennybee, It's never too late to get sucked in to the Amazing Race! We never saw the first one so we bought it. It was really good. I just bought a cup of that coffee. Now I want to get a press. It was great! I've heard it's bad for your cholesterol to drink coffee without a paper filter too often.

Badoozie said...

okay, garosss. that picture there, that guy on the left has a sock, or a towel in his pants, and could he yank those pants up any higher? no tucking. not allowed.

i don't watch T V

i have not seen walk the line, what did you think? i love getting a shiny new movie that no one else has slobbered, licked, smelled, touched or otherwise breathed on

Badoozie said...

hey, bennyjee can't decide how to spell thingies. is it thingy's or thingies.

EmmaSometimes said...

oh, my bad spelling.

Thingy is singular.
Thingy's is singular ownership.
Thingies is plural.
Thingies' is plural ownership.

It almost sounds like a poem or song
I am the very Model of a Modern Major General... Don't ask. I've had too much caffeine.

EmmaSometimes said...


I did not know that about french press. MAN. That's a bummer. I guess I'll be bringing my pot back out.

Michelle said...

Meow is in a different State to myself, and we got the family one. Like yourself, i didn't enjoy it as much as the regular one. I am a huuuuuugge fan! Can't wait till tommorrow night AND one of the destinations is Australia!!! Hope it's Queensland they go to....i promise to wave!

Nerdine said...

I've seen about two episodes (of them was in Africa where they was supposed to barter for some carved animals to trade with a gigant giraffe) of I have no idea what season. I don't watch TV anymore, and Never had the channel they air the show on here in Norway. Sounds like a fun show, tho!

I drink little or no coffee (I drink a cup every three or four months??), but when I do I prefer french press - it's the best!!

Saur♥Kraut said...

I watch almost no TV. Maybe an hour or two a week, and a movie once a week? So, I have no knowlege of this show. I take it that it's not one of those race-scavenger-hunt type things? Is it a play on race (black vs. white) since there's a pic of both here? I am really showing my achilles' heel, here...

Jenn said...

Susie, well, Phil's pants must be all the rage in New Zealand, where he is from... Let's ask Michelle what she thinks...

Michelle, isn't Phil from New Zealand? Are those pants cool in New Zealand, and do you think they are pulled up too high? (I know you're Australian but it's all the same to us).

I haven't watched Walk the Line yet because we were watching the Amazing Race last night.

jennybee, you know anything that tastes that good can't be good for you.

Michelle, yeah, they always go somewhere in Australia, or New Zealand. Nice to see you're a fan!

Hey Nerdine, I try not to drink too much coffee myself. If I start drinking it every day, it seems to weaken my immune system and I get sick.

Saur, The Amazing Race is a race around the world. Teams have to find clues and complete tasks all along the way. It is very fun to watch. The couple in the photo won the race a couple seasons ago. I don't watch much TV myself... I am very clueless about any of the night time dramas that are popular now.

Muley said...

Let us know what you think of Walk the Line. I really enjoyed it, but then I'm a Johnny Cash fan from way back.


"Cunfcs": I can't say it here. You don't want to know.

Jenn said...

Muley, I still have not watched it. Maybe tonight and definitely by tomorrow. I read part of Johnny Cash's autobiography, and it was really good. I hope there are some things in the movie that I read in the book.

Jenn said...

Hey Muley, we watched Walk the Line last night. It was a good movie. Interesting, I kept noticing similarities between this movie and the Ray Charles movie. If you didn't see it, he also had a wife with kids at home while he was having an affair with a woman on the road, he was addicted to drugs, and also watched a brother die when he was young.

It was a good movie. I read part of Johnny Cash's book, now I want to read the rest. The book was better than the movie.