Sunday, May 20, 2007

A doodle, a noodle...

The Daily Doodle

Many of my doodles end up having an alligator or some kind of lizard in them somewhere. No reason really, except they are fun to draw.


I have been going to the gym almost every day for a couple of weeks. Eventually I hope to see a change all over, especially in my arms which have always been like twigs. I need to eat more so that the muscles have something to grow with. I read somewhere that a great food for body building is Japanese soba noodles. Out of all Japanese foods, soba noodles are one thing I've never cared for. I bought a package of them yesterday. There must be a non-gross way to prepare them. I need to do a little research.


We went and saw Shrek the Third on Friday night. I know I'm a harsh critic, but in my opinion that one could have gone straight to DVD. It was not that good. Too much talking. It did not have the same momentum as the other two Shreks. I was kind of bored actually.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure shrek should have ended with just two. Always best to quit while you're ahead. Those noodles look kinda unappetizing. Why don't you eat ice cream? get a 50 gallon drum of it at costco, and a spoon and just eat on it for a month or so

Seeker said...

What's the gator's name?

Jenn said...

ba doozie, I will try eating both. I'm finishing off a container of Breyer's this week. It has no impact on me really.

seeker, he is nameless. Maybe he should be named... maybe I could write a book about him.

Anonymous said...

it seems like weight gain things don't work. I've tried protein drinks, and they have not affected me.

Meow said...

That's a shame .. I was looking forward to Shrek 3.

Wow, good luck with the weight gain ... I need to lose heaps ... do you want some ?!?!

Take care, Meow