Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I'm Stayin' Alive

Now that I go to the gym every day, I cannot stop buying coffee and cappuccinos! The gym is a couple shops away from the coffee shop. Whenever I go into town, I use being there as an excuse to buy coffee. But now it's every day. How do I stop?


We watched American Idol last night with Barry Gibb. I kept thinking he looks like someone else. I figured out who he looks like! The Geico caveman guy... these tiny pictures were the closest comparison I could find.


We never watched American Idol the whole way through until this season. I've been a Doolittle fan since the beginning. My guess is that LaKisha will go tonight. What does everyone else think?


McBunni said...

1. It took me exactly 4 days to get addicted to my morning starbux. I have since downgraded to the pre-packaged 9.5 oz. bottle of the mocha lie frappuccinos. They are cheaper and less calories. I swear, there must be crack in there, they're so addictive!

2. I aggree that Lakisha will get voted off. I hope anyway! I like Melinda and Blake! :D

Jenn said...

mcbunni, I was never willing to pay the $$$ for a frappuccino. Then I got a coupon for a free one. That had to be their best marketing strategy ever... I've been hooked ever since.

McBunni said...

You were right! LaKisha is outta here!

Jenn said...

I suppose it was an obvious choice. Simon saw it coming.

Emma Sometimes said...

1) take checkbook and find coffee charges.

2) add them up for a month

3) go to art store, bookstore, IKEA or Petco and find something of that exact value.

4) Tell yourself you could have bought said item but settled instead for coffee.

5) Calculate if was worth xx.xx$?

6) Go to store and buy bag of beans.

7) grind your own beans and make coffee at home.

8) in one month go back to art supply shop, bookstore, IKEA or Petco and purchase said item.

9) Feel good you have something other than a full bladder to show for moolah.

10) Email Emmasometimes and tell her she makes too many points and that you fear she needs psychiatric help.

Jenn said...

Emma S, I don't know... I don't think I can do it!