Sunday, May 06, 2007

weekend notes

Here is a gripe that I am sure I will share with women everywhere.

What is the deal with women's clothing sizes? If a man wants to buy a pair of pants, he chooses the pants that have his actual waist size and leg length written on them. No guessing. And the sizes are all there to choose from.

I am 5'2", and I know that is short, but I am by no means crazy abnormally short. I have plenty of friends who are shorter than I am. Yet if I want a pair of jeans that are the right length, most clothing stores have either one length for all waist sizes (WAY too long), or lengths "ankle," "regular," and "tall." My best bet is going for the ankle length, which still touches the floor, but it's better than having to hem a couple of inches. Who are those people, who are six feet tall and a size two?


The weather here has been amazing for days in a row, and we have been busy entertaining our guest, Flat Stanley.

Here he is at Vidler's. A historic five & dime store in East Aurora. Nothing really costs 5 or 10 cents anymore... except maybe a pixie stick.

We had dinner at the Olive Garden.

For a guy who's as flat as a piece of paper, Stanley sure has a huge appetite!

Stanley helped us buy extra groceries for his stay.

It was a perfect day at the park... but climbing on the fences is prohibited! That Stanley almost got us in all kinds of trouble. It's ok, we got away with a warning.

We have had a great time, but tonight flat is packing his bags, because tomorrow he's off to another location to meet new friends!


This made me laugh...


Meow said...

I know what you mean about women's clothing sizes. I'm a chunky girl, but not particularly tall. It seems that the wider the waist band, the longer the legs (at least in the minds of the people who design clothes !).
I love the photos of your visit with Flat Stanley ... who started out his adventure ... I hadn't heard of his journies before.
Take care, Meow

Seeker said...

You gave Flat Stanley a great tour of your area. I think he must have had a great time.
About the jeans, I say if you find a pair you like, try to buy 2 pairs because you won't find them again!

Sarah said...

That commercial is funny! Love the Russian!

Anonymous said...

you will have to spend some money to get decent jeans that fit right. like seeker said, when you do find them buy one of every color

that flat stanley, he was a touch ADHD this time around eh?

where is he going next?

Emma Sometimes said...

Flat Stanley is your typical boy. Eating, goofing off, and asking about the lawn. I hope he was a good houseguest.

Jenn said...

meow, there is an interesting bit on flat stanley on wikipedia.

seeker, you are right. I thought I could find the gap jeans that I wore out, but they don't sell that kind anymore.

sarah, you'll have to forward that one to your Russian friends.

ba doozie, next flat is going to visit seeker. He was a riot. A barrel of laughs.

emma s., I hope your son can eat candy, because flat stanley sent him some treats today.