Friday, May 11, 2007

fun for the entire family

The Daily Doodle

We had a graduation ceremony for the preschool class I've been working with.

I guess this whole kiddie graduation thing is supposed to give kids extra self-esteem. I think it's kind of silly, but it's a big hit with the mommies and daddies. Their was an unbelievable mob of paparazzi with their cameras and video recorders when those scholars came marching down the isle in their little paper hats.


We have an abundant crop of dandelions in our yard this year. For the past two years George has been in a never-ending battle with the weeds. I keep saying that we live in the country, and everyone around here has dandelions, and fighting them is a loosing battle, and expensive too. We are surrounded by fields of weeds blowing their seeds in our direction. So this year we have concluded together that we have a "meadow," not a lawn.


In high school I remember 21 Jump Street being the COOLEST teen show. I've recently watched it a couple of times since I discovered it on one oldies tv station we have, and I cannot believe how incredibly cheesy it is.


This week I have personally confirmed that it is true, you can get your Starbucks cappuccino in a mug instead of a paper cup if you just ask. I got a tall caramel macchiato, and it was, in my opinion, gigantic. I actually prefer the plain coffee there. If they sold a kiddie size for half the price, that would actually be enough to make me happy.


Seeker said...

I'm with you when it comes to those dandelions. Good luck.

Sarah said...

One man's weed is another man's flower! If you can't beat em, join em...does that apply here? :-)
I never watched 21 Jump Street. But I think it's funny that Johnny Depp wasn't even listed in the opening credits and now he's more famous than all of them!

Aunt Jo said...

I have a lot of dandy lions in my yard too. I don't have the energy to pluck them all this year, so it will have to wait. I need to find my special dandy lion pulling tool anyway.

You should see the dance recitals. Little tiny girls getting dozens of roses. I get my daughter(s) a few carnations that they promptly give away to their teacher and friends. That is way more fun anyway!

Wow I always wondered about eaves droppings. Do they smell??

Aunt Jo said...

I don't know how I missed 21 Jump Street, but I did. Hmmmmm but it sounds like I didn't miss much.

Johnny Depp only got better with age.

Anonymous said...

you could make dandelion wine. or you could get bugs that eat noxious weeds of those sorts. I never watched that show, I'm a tad older than you!

did skippy get you a mothers day card?

Emma Sometimes said...

Flat "Stanley" had some great paraphernalia come back. The class howled at his plate of food and his large appetite. The teacher said that a Flat "Stanley" has never traveled so much in one month's time. She was highly impressed with Flat's connections.

Meow said...

I think the dandelions look lovely. Leave them be !!
21 Jump Street was pretty cool.
Hope you have a great week.
Take care, Meow