Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's a beautiful day outside! Why are you indoors reading my blog? You should go outside and play!

the daily doodle


The people who last owned our house planted a bunch of ground cover by the house. Now I have no idea what to do with it. The grass grows inside of it, and it is impossible to pull it all out stalk by stalk. I want to do away with the whole thing and start over. Where do I even begin?


Remove Stains Right At The Office

I have a pair of white capris that I like, but they've been stained with something unremovable, like paint or something. Today I covered up the stain with wite-out. It actually worked. At least, I can't find the stain now unless I'm really looking for it.


Emma Sometimes said...

Wite out? THAT is funny.

I'll tell you what I'd do with your little area. Till, till, till.

Add Creeping Phlox. It comes in reds, blues, pink, purple and white and easy to start from seed. It's cheap when they are little plants, like $5 for a flat of them.

White phlox is very aromatic (almost like deoderant!).

They have continuous pretty dainty flowers

fast growing
low maintenance
blooms until freezing
lower to the ground
attracts butterflies
self-seeding so you won't have to plant again next year.

Another alternative, is an herb garden? Like mint, basil or thyme? But nothing with thorns, even though I am partial to roses.

Emma Sometimes said...

I forgot, I AM going swimming today.

Aunt Jo said...

Get a goat to eat all those plants down to the nubs, then make a rock garden. Easy to take care of and you can pick up neat rocks that you find where ever you go and pitch them in there.

Working at the front desk of a medical office I get to smell lots of interesting scents. Young men tend to bathe in it and one of our allergy patients wears the most revolting perfume ever.

I have covered a bleached spot on some black clothing with a Sharpie marker. :o)