Monday, February 13, 2006

check this out

A new kind of paper airplane... Try this, it works! Just print and follow these instructions:

Here is my airplane.

I got this from a book called A Kick in the Seat of the Pants,which is the sequel to A Whack on the Side of the Head.

I'm still reading through A Kick in the Seat of the Pants. This book is full of helpful advice on thinking creatively, not just for artists, for anyone.

The last time I was reading this book I was in Starbucks. The combination of the book and the coffee helped me come up with some really good ideas, some cartoons I have sold. That was despite the fact that in that particular Starbucks some kids work there who play awful music, and play it way too loud, not conductive to reading or coffee drinking.

Anyway, try making this airplane, it works and it's cool!


Fred said...

I should give this to one of my students. They'll have it mass produced within a period or two.

Karin said...

I shall have to check those books out. I love stuff like that. The airplane looks cool, I will have to show this to the fiancee although he will probally tell me all about its special aerodynamics that make it work. Sometimes fun is just fun.

momyblogR said...

WOW, you've sold cartoons...that's really cool. Now,that airplane? It looks like nothing that will fly, lol.

Bar Bar A said...

Thanks for the hot tip on those books, they sound great, I love reading those kind of things. Very cool plane!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn

Thanks for visiting my blog. You have an interesting blog. I will drop by someday again.

Happy Valentine's Day to you.

God bless!

Jenn said...

Fred, yeah, as soon as you turn your back you'll have these flying all over the classroom.

Hey Karin, yeah, I have no idea how this works, it's cool though.

hi momyblogr, I've sold a bunch of cartoons as cards, and I do a strip for a dog magazine called Keeshonden. If you go to the very beginning of my archives, there's a Dr. Phil cartoon I sold as a Christmas card, then some more, a chicken, cows, a cat... they only own card rights so I can post them on here all I want. Thank you for reminding me that this is cool! Sometimes it really feels like WORK, and I need to be reminded that I LOVE doing this!

bar bar a, I'm glad you're inspired to read these books. It's the kind of good advice they don't teach you in college. Also check out a book called "Aha!"

prayer warrier, I came across you through a few other people, and you have an interesting circle of friends, I will come back and visit.

Saur♥Kraut said...

How cute is that! We had a big book of paper airplanes that I left with the ex when we got the divorce. I hope he's sharing it with our son, SaurKid. I'll have to ask SaurKid.

Happy V and Lupercalia Day, Jenn!

Badoozie said...

happy VD, to you. no, thats not venereal disease you silly.

solve that puzzle down there already!!