Saturday, February 11, 2006

doodles by George

Here are some doodles by George. These particular doodles are very rare, because he is always doodling either cars or karate men.

This is a doodle of something going in one ear and out the other... "go wash your....blah blah blah..."

He sent this to me at camp when I was a counselor. This is me with all my little campers.

I guess this is him wearing a PSD T-shirt (Parson's School of Design).

Happy Valentine's Day... or maybe this is anti-valentine's day?

Here we are together. Now everyone can see what I look like now, so in your minds I am not perpetually a sixteen year old with a mullet.


Aunt Jo said...

Great pictures! I thought you would have darker hair now though for some strange reason.

You are a "handsome" couple!

Do you travel alot?

Fred said...

Nice to see you, Jenn. You guys look great. Great drawings, as usual.

Mr. Althouse said...

Good to get to know you a little better. Nice shot of the GG bridge too. It looks a little chilly - summer time??


Meow said...

Great photos, you look like a happy couple. Take care, Meow

Saur♥Kraut said...

What a cute couple you two make! The family that draws together stays together...?

Bar Bar A said...

What an attractive couple! Thanks for showing us the "real you".

Badoozie said...

ohhhhhh, how sweet. the happy little family. did it hurt much when you gave birth to your boy? did you have an epidural, or a spinal. lots of hair, i bet you were surprised when he came out, and looked a lot like your hubby.

Jenn said...

I thought you all should see us both since I keep talking about George, and you've seen me too much as a teenager. Thanks for your nice comments. :0)

AJ, We travel a little bit, it would be nice if we traveled more.

Mr. Althouse, that is last spring we took a trip over there. It was pretty cold the whole week we were there.

Susie, I know it's hard to tell, but our furry child was adopted.

~Jennifer said...

Huge difference. Now you look like a sixteen year old without a mullet. ;-)

Jenn said...

jennifer, yes, that's what everyone says. I have to show the mullet pictures to prove I'm 32.