Thursday, February 23, 2006

zee verst problem in zee verld

These drawings are from my college days.

It does not matter what subject is being taught in any particular college class, the professor is going to go off on a tangent on his or her favorite off-the-subject topic. This German-born professor of mine loved to get all riled up about people who don't speak English properly. (The class was not German or English, it was philosophy.)

Whenever anyone says "centered around" instead of "centered on" I think of him... if he could have arrested people and thrown them in jail for saying that, he would have.

I am positive I drew these outside of class. My assigned seat was front and center, right under his nose, and he was a very intimidating man. I doubt I ever doodled once in that class.

I'm sure this will remind some of you of similar college professor stories... feel free to share.


Michelle said...

My goodness, how funny. You bought back memories. I had one, a social science professor. I had to do a research project as did the rest of the class. After handing it in he was asking everyone how it benefitted their studies. He asked me, i told him the whole thing made me cry, that it was full of rhetoric etc. He began crying his eyes out in the auditorum LOL..."Michelle i am sooo sorry, it made you cry"!! He went on and on, i din't know whether to laugh or cry again!!

Jenn said...

Michelle, you must have been researching a pretty sad topic! I guess that's not the answer he was expecting when he asked. :{

momyblogR said...

Oh, I hate front and center, lol.

Badoozie said...

assigned seats? in college? what the heck.
well, i had one prof, it was really easy to get him off topic. just ask a question. hahahaha. once i asked about some parking lot issue with the new gym, and he went on for 30 minutes, everyone was mad at me. so i never did that again. i think some of them have been teaching so long, that they are bored with the material and look forward to getting off topic. and then there are those psych classes where students use it for therapy time. or self disclosure time. i always wanted to say, please save that for your shrink, your wasting our class time!!! i'm mean. whats up with all these people who have to share about everything, and everyone, their aunts husbands, brothers neice's, cousin once had a drug problem, and got put in jail, and was raped by the other sisters, brothers, aunts cousins, cross dressing brother. TMI, TMI

Saur♥Kraut said...

That's hysterical! But what is the diff between centered around and centered on? I have a very close family member who's an English prof and I don't remember ever hearing this one.

I had profs like that, too. But I have a professional license that I have to get renewed regularly (by state law) so I have to sit through TONS of booooooring classes about it. And the guy that usually draws me is an old religious man who thinks blacks and women are beneath him. So, he starts rambling with some 'funny' story about a little black child (he can't simply say "a child") or talks to the guys about how "us gals" are.

It makes me wanna puke.

Jenn said...

momyblogr, yes, I had no choice. I especially hate being in the middle of a long row.

susie, yeah, I had one class where people could share prayer requests, and that was the most open-forum gossip discussion session I have ever been in.

saur, "centered around" should never never ever be used. It should only always be "centered on." At least that's what he drilled into us... that you don't center around something... he'd draw a circle, and start orbiting his pen around it... you center on it! on! on! on!

Muley said...

An intimidating, blowhard German philosopher with an anal retentive streak. Whoa, sign me up for that class!

Bar Bar A said...

You got that right! I think some profs. choose the job just so they can go off on tangents! Very fun post!

EmmaSometimes said...

How do you say "rabbit trail" in German?

I had a college prof, a guy mind you, that looked like a pregnant, 4ft. 8inch John Denver (love the Dorothy Hamill hair bob). It was more comical because he wore oversized rainbow, tie-dyed t-shirts...with cowboy boots. Every girl in class wanted to bear his children. oooh yeah.

Nerdine said...

I've had my share of weird professors, but none like your philosophy-teacher.
although I had one who used to start to sing old traditional norwegian folksongs. He was kind of fun manday mornings at 8am