Friday, February 17, 2006

New Jersey Backyard

I drew this view out of my nephews' bedroom window while visiting my sister-in-law and her family in New Jersey. The neighbors had every item they could cram into their little fenced-in backyard... deck with umbrella, hot tub, trampoline, swingset, swimming pool, a couple of trees and a shed. And they also had two big dogs running around on the grass that was left.

I thought it could be a cartoon, in a neighborhood like this, to have one person jumping on their trampoline, go over the fence and land in the neighbor's pool. It's probably already been done in one of those slapstick Tim Allen movies.


Aunt Jo said...

Our yard is very small, but we don't have all that stuff. Right now it is full of leaves in a big ole pile. I hate raking leaves. I think the funniest thing about the yard you drew is the fact that they have dogs running around in the grass that's left. :o)

Aunt Jo said...

I want some brownies
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Jenn said...

ok, do you like nuts in your brownies or plain?

momyblogR said...

Yup, that's it alright! Very funny.

Meow said...

I think Homer Simpson would kill for a backyard like that !!
Have a great weekend, take care, Meow

Lisa said...

I have seen yards like this.
We have ahuge yard and hardly anything in it .

Go figure.

Clare said...

Wow that looks like a big yard. It's a great drawing too.


Jenn said...

We have a big backyard and there is just about nothing in it. Our neighbors have a big backyard, and they have a lot of stuff in it. Not crammed together like in New Jersey though.