Wednesday, February 08, 2006

more shameless eavesdropping

Grocery shopping is more fun if you watch other people and listen in on their conversations. Sometimes when I'm in line I'll whip out my sketchbook and write down my observations. I know there is a cartoon in here somewhere.

I sketched this quickly while in line after observing a couple in the toothpaste isle.

wife: "What part of TOOTHPASTE don't you understand?!"

husband: "There it is."

wife: "I like change. I like something DIFFERENT. Maybe I don't, unlike YOU, like using the same toothpaste every single day!"

The last conversation I overheard at the grocery store was pretty good...

cashier: "Did you find everything ok?"

woman in front of us in line: "NO! THEY DON'T HAVE THE FLAVOR SLIMFAST BARS I LIKE! I got this OTHER flavor!"

Cashier scans the bars. Woman now quickly rips open the box, and starts eating a bar. "Darn it all!!! They'er not HALF as good!" meanwhile cashier keeps saying "oh oooh, oooh..." Like "Why oh why did I ask?!?"


khris said...

hahahaha love those. love couple grocery shopping together. you never get tired of listening them arguing.

and it never gets old.

Mr. Althouse said...

I don't think slim fast bars are (fast, that is) when consumed by the box. I didn't know anybody really ate them for the taste. But that's just me -


EmmaSometimes said...

bwwwaaa!! that is hilarious. Tooth Paste Fight.

Next on Dr. Phil: Husband Controls Wife's Toothpaste Flavor-Is Your Husband Too Cheap for Two Tubes? You'll hear from our next couple...(insert dorky intro music)

Seeker said...

You must be shopping at the same store I do.... I saw that couple last week, but this time it was about coffee filters.

Badoozie said...

well, why DO they ask. cause they con't care if you didn't find something. they've NEVER cared. so they should not ask this dumb, redundant question. have you ever had anyone care?

now on the toothpaste people. i'm betting she cheats on him. cause if she gets tired of toothpaste she would surely get tired of him.

Meow said...

Very funny post, Jenn. Wish I had your talent with cartooning. Have a great day, Meow

Jenn said...

khris, thanks for dropping by!

Mr Althouse, I used to have a roommate who would chow down on entire boxes of the lowfat Snackwells cookies. I think that kind of eliminates the point.

hahaha, good one jennybee... I can actually see this on Dr. Phil, with his cameras follwing them around the store.

seeker, that couple does get around.

susie, I guess they ask so if you say no, then the kid can stop bagging your groceries and run all over creation looking for the item that you couldn't find, while the line behind you starts to hate you more and more. (one experience I had). Yes, that wife must have a low tolerance for anything to stay the same for too long.

hi meow! nice to see your little cat here. exactly what music is your cat dancing to?

Karin said...

where is it written that husband and wife have to use the same toothpaste? On the other hand that very well could have been Brad and I discussing the merits of certain products at the grocery store. I swear if you follow us around you can draw a whole series just on us. I can understand that poor slimfast lady. Dieting makes you very irretable and if you can't find the one thing that makes it tolerable someone will lose a head.

Michelle said...

LOL, very clever! Remind me to watch over my shoulder, just in case there's a "Jenn" doodling LOL!

uncle joe said...

One of the funniest things I ever heard/saw in a grocery store:
I was the checker. A rather large african-american woman w/her rather round son were the customers. If I may speak here like they spoke that day:

"Momma, I wants a Happy Meal!"
(The momma looks down with a rather disgusted look on her face. After all she is buying a large supply of groceries.)

The momma says, and I quote:

"Happy Meal sheet! (%$#&!!)
"Thinks he gots to have a Happy Meal every da** day!"

I can still see them in my mind.
He was so earnest in his plea.

Thought it might make a good McDonald's commercial some day.

momyblogR said...

Great drawing...very funny. Conversations in the super market are always good. People are crazy, lol!!

Jenn said...

Karin, yeah, I can see your point. My husband has all his favorite all-natural snacks. Eventually, his favorites end up getting discontinued and he has to find new favorites. He gets so frustrated about that. But he's never lost it with a cashier. We go grocery shopping together every week. I wonder if people listen to us. We don't argue about what to buy though, we have that down to a science.

Michelle, I wonder sometimes if people notice my doodling. At least I have something to do while waiting in line.

Uncle Joe, HA! That's a good one! Working behind the register, you must have seen it all! (She probably does give him a happy meal every day).

momyblogr, yeah, if I listen to what's going on around me, it makes mundane tasks like grocery shopping a lot more interesting.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Sounds like SlimFast lady has a problem with gluttony (the main reason she's buying them, I'm sure).

Funny how life's little encounters can be so comical!

...and who the heck changes their toothpaste daily? What does she have, a revolving toothpaste rack???

Badoozie said...

well, I would notice you drawing and i would wonder about you. cause i notice everything around me. too much in fact. shopping takes forever. dyl is constantly having to redirect me.

Jenn said...

Saur, personally I really like using the same toothpaste every day. I think this woman is an exception for sure.

hey Susie, I'm sure I'm noticed by some people, I guess, but I don't really care much.

Badoozie said...

hey, are you and pedro getting really serious now? can you come over and do a personal portrait?

click soundbites. prank call some friends, have a little fun. you know you want to.

Bar Bar A said...

Funny! I have to agree with the wife about toothpaste though....I get bored with same old brand :)

Jenn said...

The best toothpaste ever was Enamelon, and then it suddenly was not being made anymore. Maybe it had some cancer-causing ingredient that was recalled. I guess I'll never know.