Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Childhood Myths

I drew this some years ago... click on it to see the details... the kid is trying to pull tape off of his ears and his hair is getting stuck in the tape.


Meow said...

That's great, Jenn. You are very clever.
Take care,

uncle joe said...

I thought I'd answer you over here. We don't use e-mail notification though something has been happening at our e-mail address concerning you I think. We've been getting a failed email notification from blogger that has what we believe to be your email address if it's jenn7 or something like that.

Badoozie said...

jenn, i answered you on uncle joe's but here it is again,

use an alternate address for awhile, or check to see if your inbox is full. if you are interested in gmail, i can send you an invite, it's a pretty good service.

by the way, this cartoon is very funny. for a kid, you were pretty enlightened.