Sunday, January 22, 2006

A Doonka Haircut

Ok, some of you have been asking for more Russian expressions. This is a Russian word mixed with a uniquely George expression. George (my husband) will often say to me about someone's short haircut, "What's with that doonka haircut?" or, "She'd look a lot better without that little doonka haircut."

I tried to get him to explain what a "doonka" is. He could not quite explain it, except that it's some kind of a girl with a short little haircut. Maybe someone else who speaks Russian can help me out here... Sarah? Melody?

Regardless, I think it sounds very funny.

I thought this would be a good example of doonka hair... me in fourth grade...

George says no, that is not quite it, but this photo of another kid in my fourth grade class, now he is a PERFECT example.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm... not quit sure...that might be, as you said, uniquely George? It reminds me of the word for "a thought" which transliterated is "doomka".

Seeker said...

Could it be "Dutch"? Looks like a little Dutch boy.
I like your 4th grade doonka picture. Cute.

Lisa said...

I had the worst hair as a kid , my Mum bucked it off all the time and the mail man used to mock me and call me a little boy .

I am babysitting a Pom for a few months and she is the fussiest dog I have ever met !!! Do you have to her vulva ??? I am serious !!! I posted a post about her ( complete with pic ) in January . Maybe you can help me survive her .

Jenn said...

Lisa, Ok, now I understand the Pom comment after reading your January post.

Skippy is an angel about going to the bathroom outside. He will basically go on command. I have never owned a girl dog. If my dog's fur gets a little crusty down there I'll trim him and give him a bath. How long are you dogsitting for? It sounds like you'll have her for a while! (She is very pretty, I think my dog would fall in love with her if they ever met).

Jenn said...

Anonymous-- George says doonka is indeed a word and in no way related to "doomka." Although he coined the phrase "doonka hair."

Thanks Seeker. That is from my yearbook in 1982. Apparently doonka haircuts were very popular that year because lots of kids had them.

Lauren said...

Hi Jenn,
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Based on the two pictures you've posted I would have to say that in second grade I would have looked a lot better without my uber-doonka haircut! :)

Badoozie said...

we can google it. i speak swaheelie. is that how you spell it. darn it, now you're not going to believe i speak it, if i can't even spell it!!

that is a weird haircut you have for the 4th grade. i could lie and say it's cute, but it's not. i had weird, ugly hair when i was a kid. pixy cut i think they called it. i was a dorky looking kid with glasses, which were always crooked.

Lisa said...

Wow your Pom sounds like a sweetie. Cotton is very sweet but her needs are crazy. I have them for a few months . My daughter and I think Skippy is adorable , I love the black and white. Cotton had alreadly poohed and peed in the house 4 times today .The Min pin is awesome and will not mess in the house.

Michelle said...

hehehehe, we had the same haircut!

Jenn said...

Susie-- Your next contest should be to get everyone to post their dorkiest school photo... that would be a riot.

Lisa-- I love all kinds of dogs, but have had a hard time myself watching some friends' dogs. One peed in every room in my house. I felt like she had the intellegence of an insect compared to my dog. The worst thing was, as soon as you'd say, want to go out? And bend over to pick her up, that's when she'd let it all loose and pee!
My house had carpet all over, so I made this dog stay in the linoleum kitchen the next time I watched her.

Lauren-- that is a great expression, uber-doonka, ha! We've got to get that into wikipedia.

Michelle-- Let's see a pic!

A friend of mine's Dad from Ukraine says "doonka" is like "dummy." George says it's a girl who's an airhead. Somehow the word and haircut go together. I guess it makes sense.

Imogene_Pix said...

At least you didn't have a mullet and a braid.... not that I did. When I was a teacher I had a kid in my class who actually looked kinda like the 'feral kid' from the 2nd Mad Max movie.