Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Memoirs Of A Geetchka

Ok, now I have found another cartoon in an old folder. Something I forgot all about. This is from when I was dating my husband. He was attending Parson's School of Design and living with his parents and grandma in an upstairs apartment in Brooklyn.

That apartment had tall wooden stairs at the entrance. I bought a slinky... George never had one growing up in the former Soviet Union. I had to show him how it would work on those stairs. It came alive on that perfect staircase.

His grandma likes to do errands pulling around a little cart for the groceries. She calls George "Geetchka," which in Russian is the cute way to say George, like "Georgey."

I never finished this. Maybe some of you would like to suggest an end to this story.
(click to enlarge)

Disclaimer: No grandmas were actually harmed in the making of this cartoon.


Jennifer said...

I'm sorry I can't think of an ending for you. The cartoon is really great, though!

Fred said...

I'd ruin it if I suggested an ending. Well done!

Badoozie said...

Some people are like Slinkies.
They're really good for nothing.
But they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs

with that being said, i'm not sure how you could end your cartoon. maybe the slinky meets another slinky, and they have baby slinkies, and together they take over the world, and make the fighting over the gaza strip stop finally.

Bar Bar A said...

TOO FUNNY! I laughed outloud. I love Slinky's and actually have two of them sitting here at my desk. For some reason they suddenly look a bit intimindating to me....

Jenn said...

Jennifer, Thanks for coming by, I like your blog!

Thanks Fred. Maybe now that you've all seen it, the answer will come to somebody in a dream tonight.

Susie, that saying could be a bumper sticker or something, it's a little violent though! You're right, this could end like a classic "creatures take over the world" movie.

bar bar a, thanks for coming by. I'm glad I could entertain you! Slinkys are just great if you have the right kind of stairs. Just the right width and height.

Michelle said...

I loved this, your so clever!
Who'd have thought a slinky could create so much fun!

Karin said...

This is too cute I love slinkies. For some reason I thought of the game hungry hungry hippos, eating the slinky but that may be kinda lame.

Jenn said...

Hi Michelle, thanks :)

Karin, I think that's a pretty funny idea. Like the good and evil characters in the superhero movies, the bad toys are taking over the world and the good toys are defeating them. I really want to learn flash animation, then I can animate this stuff.

SkyeBlue2U said...

I like it why does it have to end? Couldn't it just travel and go around the world until one day it bounces onto a trampoline and goes again... I love your work. :)