Monday, January 16, 2006

tagged by seeker--here is my list

2 names you go by: Jenn, Jenn1 (I worked with another Jenn and they called her Jenn2 because I worked there first).

2 parts of your heritage: Swedish, English

2 things that scare you: flying (but I'll do it anyway), spiders that run very fast

2 of your everyday essentials: checking email, a caffeine source (usually green tea)

2 things you are wearing right now: very comfortable GAP jeans, orange fleece LL Bean thing

2 of your favorite hobbies: selling things on Ebay, reading through my huge pile of books (I keep on buying more books even though I haven't finished the ones I've got)

2 things you want really badly: I want to learn flash animation and web design and then set up an awesome site with free ecards that are absolutely hilarious

2 places you want to go on vacation: Egypt, Israel

2 ways that you are stereotypically a chick: I get my eyebrows waxed, I usually have my hair in a scrunchy and then I leave the scrunchies all over the house which drives my husband crazy.

2 things you are thinking about now: my new year's resolution to start organizing all my resolutions, all the other things I should be doing right now

2 stores you shop at: Wegmans,

2 personality quirks: I only really enjoy coffee between the hours of 1-4PM, and then only at a nice coffee shop, not at home; I hate shopping for clothes.

2 favorite items in the house: George, Skippy

2 stores I wish we had: Guido's Fresh Marketplace, Great Barrington Bagel Company

2 things I wish I could do different: read faster, be a better listener

2 things I do very badly: sing, play any instrument

2 hidden talents: creating sound effects impossible to describe in writing, knowing all the words to the hymns in church

2 truths: There is a God; We are not here by chance

2 things you want to do before you die: know I've made a difference in someone's life, know my life mattered for the right reasons


Badoozie said...

this is a very good list. i'm hoping that george and skippy are a dog and a husband, not sure what order.

and i'm hoping that you run faster than the fastest spider, or carry a large shoe.

when i get my links back up, from the disaster today, i'm adding you. the newest member of the gobhole clan. how fun for you.

Jenn said...

Yes, George is the husband and Skippy is the dog. Thanks for adding me to your list :0)

Seeker said...

Well, now we know a lot more about you. And nice pile of books, by the way. Sounds like my husband; always buying books. He gets 'em for me, too, so I also have a large stack of books to be read.

Meow said...

I'm like you, Jenn ... I keep getting more and more books. Soon they will come to life and take over my world !!! Nothing better than a good read.
Great blog.
Take care,

Jenn said...

Meow, I loved your post about Charles Schultz's philosophy. I emailed it to a friend.